Tiranus School

“One day, a few years ago, I was driving with a friend who asked me why I thought that many people just want to accept good people. This one question really changed my life” (Akhy Logo)

Tiranus, or the Foundation for the Educational and Economic Development of Indigenous Papuans (Yayasan Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Perekonomian Rakyat Papua) is an initiative to give street kids, orphans and very disadvantaged children in the highlands of Papua the opportunity to have a basic education.


Map Wamena Papua Tiranus was set up by Akhy Logo in 2007 as a private initiative in his family home, his idea to support those that no one wants to help has come a long way since. Akhy remembers: “I took on small jobs in order to save up money to rent a house which I could transform into a school and a safe place for the kids. I found a small house which was really broken down and started repairing it. Many of the kids helped me to clean out the place and make it nice. After a while about ten kids stayed in the house at all times. After a while I got enough money together to buy some land to build a bigger place. The kids and I went up to the hills and forests and started cutting some wood to start building the house. More and more kids started coming to stay in the house and helped to build it. I was teaching them as much as I could, collecting old computers that we fixed, so the younger ones could learn how to use computers. Many of the kids work in the marketplace during the day and come to the house after work. I did not allow them to drink or sniff glue in the house and tried to keep them busy otherwise. The ones that got better after a while and stopped sniffing glue I sent back to their villages so that they can go to school there. For the others I continued teaching them everyday. After a while some of them asked me why they can not study in another school after they learned how to read and write and I realized I needed to make the studies official, so that they can get a diploma at the end of it which is recognized officially by everyone. In 2012, the school was finally legalized.

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The Tiranus school is now a recognised institution in the highland town of Wamena. There are currently 6 primary school classes, a kindergarden and a pre-school programme with over 170 students. Akhy and his wife teach full time and they have in the meantime employed eleven other teachers. Thanks to your donation, the salaries of 5 teachers are paid by P2I.

The kids also have English, music and computer classes. Akhy takes the children out for excursions regularly.

How you can help

20 Euros will help towards the acquisition of additional school books and other material for the Tiranus school

50 Euros will pay for the wage of a teacher for one month in the Tiranus school


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