Partnership for Indigenous Initiatives (P2I) is a non-profit organization based in Luxembourg working with indigenous people around the world, with a special focus on projects and issues in Papua, Indonesia.

We are passionate about indigenous rights and supporting indigenous grassroots initiatives in Papua, Indonesia and beyond.
We believe that awareness raising on indigenous issues in Luxembourg and beyond is equally important than creating strong networks with grassroots initiatives on the ground.
We believe that partnering with local civil society is more sustainable because these organisations will remain with the local communities long after foreign aid agencies have left. We aim to support the capacity development of indigenous grassroots organisations so they are better enabled to do their work.
We believe in dignity, empowerment, justice and the access to information


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P2I was registered in September 2013 after some of its founding members spend years working and living with indigenous people in Papua. Seeing the direct impact of aggressive development and rampant capitalism on indigenous societies, we decided to create a charity to both contribute to awareness raising on indigenous issues in Luxembourg, as well as supporting projects run by indigenous grassroots organizations on the ground. More on where we work here.

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Abholzung in Papua

Carole Reckinger is a trained peaceworker with extensive work experience in Asia. She studied for an MSc in International Politics with a main focus on Africa and a BA in Development Studies and Southeast Asian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She is currently studying for an LLM in International Human Rights Law. She is especially interested in the impact of capitalism on the highland society in Papua. She regularly visits Papua.

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Antoine Lemaire is a social anthropologist with extensive experience in Asia. He is particularly interested in indigenous material culture, jewellery in particular, and how the relationships between artifacts and people evolve in the face of capitalism. He has also done extensive research on the links between politics, natural resources extraction and AIDS, in the context of West Papua, Indonesia. He regularly visits Papua.


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